Program On Humanitarian Effectiveness

How can we respond better? That key question is on the top of the agenda in the humanitarian response community, especially in the wake of recent natural and man-made disasters. Disaster and conflict management experts at Harvard believe they have the answer: quantify the problems and evaluate the quality and impact of aid.

The key aims of the Program for Humanitarian Effectiveness are centered on improving the impact of response interventions by promoting:

  • Dialogue on emerging issues in humanitarian response;
  • Inter-agency coordination across sectors;
  • Standards for measuring the impact of interventions;
  • Needs assessments for beneficiary populations;
  • Evaluation of response effectiveness.


HHI is working to understand how improved biomass cookstoves can be better supported in humanitarian settings. To better inform this work HHI is looking to hear from individuals or organizations who currently work in humanitarian settings, whether or not they are currently working on cookstoves/indoor fuel. Help us by completing this survey here.


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Technical Assistance
HHI serves as a source for technical, research, and training assistance to more than 40 humanitarian agencies and international institutions. Read more…


Humanitarian Action Summit
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