Sinead Walsh

Senior HHI Fellow

Visiting Scientist, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Sinead Walsh holds a PhD in Social Policy, London School of Economics, Thesis Entitled: The Improbability of the Accountability of NGOs to their Intended Beneficiaries: The Case of Action Aid with field work in Uganda.

Sinead is the Ambassador of Ireland to Sierra Leone and Liberia, Head of Mission, Irish Aid, Sierra Leone and Liberia, Sinead plans to research and write a book about the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone from her perspective as one the few diplomats and heads of development agencies in the country prior to and throughout this unprecedented crisis. From this vantage point, she engaged in policy dialogue with national and international leaders, and tried to bring in the recommendations of front-line actors fighting the disease. Her collaborator on this project, Dr Oliver Johnson of the Kings College Sierra Leone Partnership, is one of those front-line actors. They will combine the narratives of their experiences with an exploration of key themes to highlight the positive lessons learnt, as well as the mistakes made in the Ebola response that should never happen again.