In 2010 and 2011, HHI sponsored undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard University to conduct field research in international crisis affected settings through the Cogan Family Fund. With this support, students traveled to Haiti, DRC, India, Bolivia, Romania, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Liberia, Uganda, Kenya,Nepal, and Mozambique. The following research studies were conducted.

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Alex Palmer, Harvard '12, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Alex, a rising senior in Quincy House, Social Studies concentrator with a focus field in Ethics, Security Studies, and Humanitarianism and a language citation in Spanish. After his experience in Kakuma, he founded an NGO that works to provide educational opportunities for refugee children. He returned to Kakuma for follow-up research in January 2011 under the sponsorship of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s Cogan Family Research Fund. Read more about his work in the Harvard Global Health Review and the Harvard Crimson.




Angola and Mozambique

Saurabh Saluja, Harvard Medical School

Natasha Sunderji, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Evaluation of Existing Task-Shifting Programs in Mozambique and Angola


Josh Glasser, Harvard School of Public Health

Vulnerability to Climate Change in Dhaka’s Slums


Sonya Soni, Harvard Divinity School

Psychosocial Needs of Kashmir’s Orphaned Children


Delia Wendel, PhD Candidate, Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Rebuilding after the Genocide in Rwanda: Space and the Ethics of Transition


Michelle Lee, Harvard College

Creating a Locally Sustainable Malnutrition Protocol for the Rukungiri





Danai Chagwedera

Empowering the Forgotten -HIV/AIDS and Nutrition Education of Rural Women Affected by Internal Displacement in Post-Earthquake


Paolo Singer

Leveraging Alternative Microfinance Models to Ensure Access to Social Services in Urban Slums in India


Stephen Fan

Sky Milner

Yuhka Miura

Triple Disaster: Minami Sanriku-Cho Design Acts Project





Democratic Republic of Congo

Michelle Kissenkoetter

Sunyko Im

Preventing Rejection of Sexual Violence Survivors: Understanding and Preventing the Rejection of Sexual Violence Survivors in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo


Deepa Panchang

Cholera and the Right to Water; A Right- Based Critique of the United Nations Cluster System in Haiti

Mark Foran

Field Testing of the Humanitarian Accountability Project (HAP) Standard Impact Analysis Tools in Haiti


Alex Palmer

Turning Rights into Reality: Assessing Barriers to Child Refugee Education in Kakuma, Kenya


Andrew Goldstein

Implementing an Electronic Medical Record System for a Community-Based Healthcare System in Post-Conflict Liberia


Michelle Vhudzijena

Delivering Health Care to Vulnerable Populations in Crisis Settings: The Case for Mozambique


Rebecca Linder

Exploring Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Missions in Support of Humanitarian Objectives: An Examination of How Religious Dynamics Shape International Interventions




Democratic Republic of Congo

Marika Shiori-Clark, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Michael Hadley, Harvard School of Public Health

Daniel Sullivan, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Dana Thompson, Harvard School of Public Health

Thomas McHale, Harvard School of Public Health

Multi-disciplinary Baseline Needs Assessment and Context-Adapted Health System Design for Idjwi Island


Nicholas Cooper, Harvard School of Public Health

Child Protection: Developing Systems to Track and Care for Unaccompanied Minors in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Dr. Josephine Wiklund, Harvard School of Public Health

The Use of Electronic Medical Records in Field Hospitals in Haitin in the Immediate Aftermath of Disaster


Shalini Rao, Harvard College

Understanding the Dynamics of Accountability in Healthcare Provision in Northern India


Suniti Thapa, Harvard College

Maoist Civil War in Nepal and Women's Well-being


Lavinia Mitroi, Harvard College

Evaluation of HIV/Aids Intervention Work for Most at Risk Adolescents in Romania

Sierra Leone

Alexandra Almore, Harvard College

Postconflict Health System Reconstruction and Malaria Prevention in the Malen Chiefdom of Sierra Leone


Hummy Song, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Best Practices for Bed Net Distribution in areas of rural Uganda affected by War